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April 9, 2020

Digital Gender Predictor

Gender Planner

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Digital Gender predictor test

One of a kind digital Genderplanner gender predictor device
is now available for personal use.

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Where technology and science come together


Innovative technology allows to receive clear LED light results in just seconds.

The high-sensitivity sensor detects the solute molecules in the urine, and passes the information to the advanced innovative microchip which transmits the digital outcome to the light-emitting diode by displaying the result of your gender test.

How it works

  1. To use the test, collect your urine sample in a clean plastic or foam cup.
  2. Insert the top part of the test into the cup with the urine sample, and press the power button. Make sure not to go past the indicated maximum margin on the test. Do not press the button until you insert the test in the cup with the urine sample.
  3. Right after you press power button, you will see the blinking light. This means the calculation of the gender has started.
  4. The result will be displayed by lighting up in a pink or blue color.
  5. After the testing is done, please rinse off the cap of the test with cool water, and wipe it with dry paper towel. Store the test in a dry cool place for future use. Please see our demonstration video for more information on how Genderplanner test works.



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