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How does Genderplanner device work?

Please read the entire instructions before using the test.

  1. To use the test, collect your urine sample in a clean plastic or foam cup.
  2. Insert the top part of the test into the cup with the urine sample, and press the power button. Make sure not to go past the indicated maximum margin on the test. Do not press the button until you insert the test in the cup with the urine sample.
  3. Right after you press power button, you will see the blinking light. This means the calculation of the gender has started.
  4. The result will be displayed by lighting up in a pink or blue color.
  5. After the testing is done, please rinse off the cap of the test with cool water, and wipe it with dry paper towel. Store the test in a dry cool place for future use. Please see our demonstration video for more information on how Genderplanner test works.


How soon can I see the results?

The result will be displayed within 10-20 seconds.


How do I read my result?

If the test lights up in color PINK, then you are most likely to conceive a girl within the 4 hour period after taking the test.

If the test lights up in color BLUE, then are most likely to conceive a boy within the 4 hour period after taking the test.


How long is my Genderplanner result valid for?

Your Genderplanner test result is valid for 4 hours after test reading. We recommend to have intercourse within 4 hours after taking the test to maximize your chances of conceiving your preferred gender.


How does Genderplanner predict the gender?

The high-sensitivity sensor detects the solute molecules in the urine, and passes the information to the advanced innovative microchip which transmits the digital outcome to the light-emitting diode by displaying the result of your gender test.


Is Genderplanner device reusable?

Yes, Genderplanner device is reusable and can be used as many times as you like. Please make sure you rinse and dry the cap after each use, and store it in the dry cool place.


When is the best time to use Genderplanner device?

The best time to take the test is right before having intercourse. Please refer to our ovulation calendar to calculate your most fertile days of the month.


How accurate is Genderplanner?

Please note that Genderplanner device is not 100% accurate. Please do not to make any decisions based on this test. This test is for entertainment purposes only. By taking this test, you assume all responsibilities for your actions.


What's your return policy for purchases?

You can return your Genderplanner device only if it's still sealed in the original packaging and hasn't been opened.


Does Genderplanner device substitute a doctor?

Genderplanner device does not substitute your doctor in any way.


If I am already pregnant, can I still use Genderplanner?

No, Genderplanner device is designed for women who are trying to conceive.


How can I order Genderplanner device?

You can order Genderplanner device directly on our website. There are purchase and rental options available.


How much is Genderplanner device?

You can purchase or rent your Genderplanner device. Please refer to our product page for current prices.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.


How does it work to rent Genderplanner device?

Your credit card will be charged the rental fee on the day you place the order. For monthly plans, the card will be charged on the same day each month until the test is returned. If you prepaid for 3 or 6 months, then your card will be charged monthly after your prepaid period has expired.


Will I receive a new or used Genderplanner device if I choose a rental option?

You will always get a NEW Genderplanner device whether you rent or purchase the test. We ask you to return your Genderplanner device because each device contains precious metals and electronic components that will be used for recycling.


What if I lose or break my Genderplanner device?

If you lose or break your Genderplanner device, you will be charged full purchase price of the device.


Can I purchase my Genderplanner device after renting it?

Yes, you can purchase your Genderplanner device at anytime. We will credit the amount you paid in rental fees toward the purchase price.


Which shipping method do you use?

We use USPS First class and Express mail for shipping.


How fast will I get my Genderplanner device after placing the order?

All orders will be shipped either same day or next business day.


How does shipping the rental unit back work?

When you are ready to return your Genderplanner device, please log in to your account to print your return shipping label and return request form. Please include this return form when shipping back your device. We will place a hold on billing your account for 7 days past your billing date. Once we receive the device back, we will close your account and your account will no longer be charged.


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